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Laide Wood - closure update

Posted: Monday 18 August, 2014

We have made an inspection of the Wood, and there is some damage to the path in a couple of places.  Three of our five bridges need attention.  Two of them (the duck race or Poohsticks bridge, and the bridge before the cascade aka the army bridge) need minor repairs due to floodwater washing away material from the approaches, and in one case moving the bridge slightly.  The final bridge before the car park, on the clockwise route along the main trail, has been washed away several yards downstream.  This needs to be recovered and reinstated before that part of the trail is open.

We hope to have part of the trail open again in the near future.  We are currently seeking quotations for the remedial work to the paths.

The Wood remains closed for the time being.  Regular progress reports will appear here.  Watch this space.


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