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Membership of Laide and Aultbea Community Woodland gives you up to date information on events, and prior notice of various activities which take place in the wood. You can also offer hands-on help if you would like to volunteer for work in the wood itself, as well as having a say on anything planned for the future. Members receive four newsletters a year either via hard copy to your home address, or via email. This newsletter is the full members' version, and is more extensive than the public version you can download from this web site.

A healthy membership proves our sustainability, and helps us to develop the woodland through grants and charitable assistance.

To apply for membership please download and complete the application form, below, and send it to the address on the form. If you prefer to receive a paper copy in the post, please e-mail your name and postal address (including your post code) to A membership pack will then be sent out to you, which contains a membership form with all the details, and membership options, which you must sign and return to become a member. We will also send you a Gift Aid form and a standing order mandate, which you may wish to complete.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member and seeing you in Laide Wood.

Laide and Aultbea Community Woodland is a company limited by guarantee and, as such, gives us formal identity which means we can trade the same way as any other company. Our members guarantee the company and are obliged to pay a total of up to �1 (one pound sterling) to any creditors remaining if the company is wound up. As you can see your financial commitment is limited to a very small amount which is unlikely to be called upon, but the benefit your membership gives to our organisation is immense.

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