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A group portrait         [Close]
A request for some action today         [Close]
good seat this         [Close]
Happy in your work         [Close]
It'll take my weight anyway         [Close]
Job done in the sun         [Close]
Narrow bridge complete         [Close]
Not bad hey         [Close]
OK for length?         [Close]
perfect fit         [Close]
Putting things together on the bridge         [Close]
Right on line         [Close]
step off complete         [Close]
tea break by the cascade waterfall         [Close]
Wack it home         [Close]
What do you think of that one?         [Close]
Where are you guys going, have we finished here.         [Close]
You can do it faster with two saws, watch.         [Close]
You must be joking - this saw's getting blunt         [Close]
Z hour let's pack up and go home         [Close]

Thistle Camp 2009 photos by Kirsty Murray