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New walking route

New walking routes have already been proposed and some are marked but not yet completed. Whether these new trails will be constructed to the same standard as our original main trail will depend on many factors. Availability of funds will play a big role in any final decision. A mixture of dressed surfaces and easily well marked routes through the trees on drier higher ground will probably be the final result and eventually a short all ability path is a future aim which we hope to achieve.

The existing main trail takes about half an hour to complete at a steady amble and is just over 1 mile long. Linking future trails together could give walks of well over one hour at a brisk pace for those who like a challenge. For those who like a steady stroll and take in everything on the way, a day could be spent quite easily.


At present all work is carried out by the volunteers, which consists of our Directors, and of other interested parties and the occasional visit by volunteer Thistle Camp workers for which we owe the National Trust for Scotland a great debt. We have no wage bills to pay and as a Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital we have no shareholders dividends to pay out. All money we receive is spent on improving the woodland for you all to enjoy.

The woodland already offers a rich source of flora and fauna, and this will develop as the years pass by. In 100 years time when the mighty oaks we plant are mature and majestic. The woodland will then be at its best, offering pleasure to young and old, a breathing space full of beautiful things to see and hopefully people will take the time to sit and enjoy what nature provides.

A task like this is a challenge which requires a brave and optimistic look forward, the best days lie long beyond the lives of those planting the seeds of today. To us, who have the privilege of being in at the start, the fact we won't be there at the finish doesn't matter.