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Laide Wood is now established as a local tourist attraction, and has a number of ongoing initiatives and activities to provide interest all year round. We are constantly developing new activities, and adding new events to our calendar. Check back to this website for the latest information. All events are publicised well in advance in our News section.

On the 24th October 2016 heavy equipment moved in to start the second clear felling operation in the woodland's history. This major task lasted several weeks and resulted in the clearance of some 20 hectares of neglected and storm damaged lodgepole and Sitka spruce. Much of the timber taken away to be processed resulted in vital income for the wood, to be invested in paths trail and plantings.

2017-18 saw the construction of a new trail underway in compartment 4. This trail was the biggest new trail to be put in place since the wood was first developed. The difficult terrain required the construction of two substantial bridges much of the timber came from the wood and was milled on site. Volunteers and a local contractor worked together on this large project.

Other Special Interest Days

During the course of the season, we hold a number of events to study the abundant wildlife in the Wood. For example, the Pond Dipping & Electrofishing, and the Butterflies & Moths days are an opportunity to learn about and to find different species of wildlife, and to explore their natural habitat.

New Plantings and Access

We are committed to improving access to the Wood, and making the paths stronger and better. We are building new paths and bridges, and putting in place board walks to make it easier for visitors to access some of the more remote areas of the Wood.

Fund Raising

We are currently applying for funding from various sources as well as raising money directly through firewood sales etc., to further develop the trail system.